Monday, March 26, 2012

Home Grown Shiitake and Nettle Pasta

  Hasn't the weather been incredible?!? I know it's scary from an environmental standpoint, but I am enjoying it anyway! This weekend while mowing - seriously - mowing in March - I came across the year's first patch of nettles. Young and green. Yum! We were already planning to have pasta with a mushroom sauce made with our home grown shiitakes (a gift project from Ansel), so nettles would go perfectly!

  Chris made the supper free style, so this is more an overview than a recipe. First he caramelized some onions in fake butter. Then he added garlic. Then sauteed about a dozen chopped shiitake heads. They produced quit a bit of liquid. When it reduced he added a splash of whipping cream and salt and pepper.

In another pan he sauteed the nettle (leaves only!) with garlic.

He also cooked up a big pot of fettuccine.

Combine everything, serve with a little vegan parmesan. Delicious!!!!!!!

It was so beautiful, we ate outside!

We ended the evening with an Equinox bonfire, Mad Farmer style.

  Happy Spring everyone!


  1. Awesome! Where did you get that shiitake thing?

  2. I just added a link - but it's his yoga clothes shop!

  3. awesome! the meal sounds delish!


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