Saturday, September 18, 2010

Non-Aldi Treats

  Ok, most of the time we are pretty broke and I buy all of our food from Aldi. But sometimes, if I am feeling rich, I may wonder into a health food store. Or just a HyVee Health Market. And when I do, here are the non Aldi foods I buy:

whole wheat flour (come on Aldi! Please start stocking this!)
textured vegetable protein (TVP)
Braggs Amino Acids
Red Starr nutritional yeast
Ener - G egg replacer
flax seed oil
vegetable bouillon
coconut milk


  1. I have been experimenting with that Ener-G egg replacer, since Kevin is allergic to eggs. among other things... What do you do with yours? :)

  2. We use Ener - G egg replacer for almost any recipe that calls for eggs! Most commonly in box mixes, like cake or brownies. Also in pancakes and falafels. We've been usins it for 20 years and I am generally pleased. I know it's expensive, but it lasts forever. I sometimes replace the box just to keep it fresh.


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